Houses for Rent in Bowie MD and Upper Marlboro, MD #GOWITHANGELO

Here's a list of properties for rent in Bowie and Upper Marlboro, MD as of January 1, 2021.    Contact me at 240-535-1855 for more details.  #GOWITHANGELO




$850 4506 Doctor Beans Legacy Cir FAIRWOOD
$1,750 15620 Everglade Ln #403 BOWIE TOWERS CONDO
$1,800 15612 Everglade Ln #301 BOWIE TOWERS CONDO
$1,800 2275 Prince Of Wales Ct LAKE VILLAGE MANOR
$1,825 3505 Emperor Ct EVERGREEN ESTATES
$1,875 15334 Norwalk Ct ALLEN POND TOWNHOUSES
$2,095 847 Saint Michaels Dr ENTERPRISE KNOLLS
$2,100 4743 River Valley Way #64 GLENSFORD CONDO
$2,490 12339 Quarterback Ct NORTHRIDGE
$2,495 1801 Plymouth Ct POINTER RIDGE AT
$2,650 2913 Needlewood Ln NORTHVIEW AT BELAIR VILL
$2,695 3517 Madonna Ln MEADOWBROOK AT BELAIR
$2,700 16304 Elkhorn Ln PIN OAK VILLAGE
$2,800 6314 Gwinnett Ln HIGHBRIDGE PLAT 11
$2,975 11701 Bishops Content Rd BISHOPS CONTENT VILLAS A
$3,000 1408 Golf Course Dr NEWBRIDGE PLAT SIX
$3,500 12604 Nichols Promise Dr FAIRWOOD


Upper Marlboro:

$1,300 6306 Johensu Dr EQUESTRIAN ESTATES -PLAT
$1,350 4428 Lord Loudoun Ct #13-8 LORDS LANDING VILLAGE CO
$1,725 8961 Town Center Cir #1-305 LARGO TOWN CENTER CONDO
$1,800 9805 Lake Pointe Ct #104 LAKE POINTE AT THE TOWNE
$1,900 13907 Courtland Ln VILLAGES OF MARLBOROUGH
$1,950 2 Cameron Grove Blvd #308 CAMERON GROVE CONDO III
$1,950 9716 Lake Pointe Ct #201 LAKE POINTE AT THE TOWNE
$2,200 3302 Brookshire Ct MARLBORO MEADOWS
$2,500 25 Joyceton Ter KETTERING
$2,500 615 Halifax Pl KINGS CREEK ESTATES-PLAT
$2,700 9302 Southmoor Ct MARLTON
$3,200 528 Bolin Ter OAK CREEK CLUB GOLF COUR
$3,200 14636 Hawley Ln OAK CREEK CLUB GOLF COUR
$3,650 308 Pemberton St KETTERING




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Houses for Sale in Bowie MD

This 3 level townhome in Bowie, MD has two master-suite bedrooms each with their own bathrooms.  The seller is in the process of clearing out the property.  More photos will be available very soon.  I will have it listed on the market next week.  Contact me for more information at 240-535-1855.


Angelo Rhodes, Realtor Taylor Properties 240-535-1855 email: [email protected]

Selling Fast! Capital Court Townhomes in Largo MD

These 2-4 bedroom townhomes have been selling rapidly since the developer began new construction in 2017.  Many units have been built and sold already and over 100 units are under construction as I write this blog post.  The builder (Stanley Martin) is offering three models:  The Hugo, The Jenkins, and The Everett priced from $359,990, $399,990, and $424,990 respectively.  


A really cool option is the upstairs loft which leads out to the rooftop terrace. 



Take a look at my video as I drove through this new construction neighborhood. 

Thinking about buying?  Call Angelo Rhodes at 240-535-1855 to schedule a showing.

Angelo Rhodes, Realtor Taylor Properties 240-535-1855 email: [email protected]

Marlboro Meadows Upper Marlboro, MD Real Estate Market Update for 2020

Marlboro Meadows is an older neighborhood in Upper Marlboro, MD.   

Located at the intersection of Route 301 and Village Drive, the Marlboro Meadows neighborhood had 39 homes that sold in 2020. 


The median vs. average sold price was $308K-$315K, respectively.  Most homeowners sold their properties for full asking price after an average of 32 days on the market.  The top selling price was $385K for a 4 bedroom remodeled Split Foyer style home as noted in the photo.


Two homes were sold as “short sales” and only one home sold as a foreclosure.  All other homes in Marlboro Meadows sold as “standard sales” indicating seller equity. 

The average age of homes here is 42 years.  The Split-Foyer and Colonial style homes have basements and were built between 1969 and 1997.  Most are all-brick, have original hardwood floors and were built solid.  Many sellers made many upgrades to their property to gain top-dollar before selling. 

If you are a Buyer looking to purchase a home in Marlboro Meadows, your mortgage payment on a $315K home would cost you around $2,060 per month if you put down $11,000 towards the purchase.

If you plan to sell your home next year in 2021, you can expect a gain of up to an additional 3% as compared to the 2020 selling prices. 

If you are thinking of buying or selling in the Upper Marlboro area give me a call at 240-535-1855.

Angelo Rhodes, Realtor Taylor Properties 240-535-1855 email: [email protected]

Is Your Upper Marlboro Home Worth More Than You Think?

Homes for sale in Prince George's county have been on the rise over the past 12 months.  Some properties have sold for more than the listing price and sellers are receiving multiple offers. 

As 2021 approaches, now is the time to begin asking questions while preparing to sell your home.  If you are interested in selling your home please give me a call at 240-535-1855.  I am offering a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help you determine a listing price.


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Deck Repair and Painting Costs

This deck in Upper Marlboro, MD was in need of repairs.  Several boards were warped and splintering.  I had the contractor replace 12 boards of pressure treated lumber (16 feet each),  2 cross sections, and a complete paint job which included the lattice below the deck.   I purchased a 5 gallon bucket of deck paint for $170.  We agreed on $850 total cost for materials, labor, and haul away old debris.  Good deal!  Here are some photos I took.


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Maryland Schools Closed for the Remainder of 2019-2020 Academic School Year

I wanted to share below the information from the Maryland State Department of Education http://marylandpublicschools.org/Pages/default.aspx

On May 6, 2020, the Maryland State Superintendent of Schools announced the closure of schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic school year.  

Online and distance learning opportunities will continue. To guide school systems and school communities on the path forward, the State Department of Education has released a comprehensive plan for long-term recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Maryland Together: Maryland's Recovery Plan for Education” was drafted in collaboration with the State Board, local school superintendents, and with input from a wide array of stakeholders throughout our State. This document lays the groundwork for the coming months as we maintain and improve upon online learning opportunities and identifies methods for recovering any lost instruction time that has occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The plan also establishes the foundation for school systems as they begin to consider how they will bring students and educators back into school buildings once they are able to in a safe way.


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Homeowners: Mortgage Forbearance Does Not Erase What You Owe.

Many homeowners are facing financial hardship from the pandemic. Forbearance is the process of delaying your mortgage payments for a given period of time.  Lenders may let you make a partial payment or skip payments. You’ll have to repay any missed or reduced payments in the future. Forbearance does not erase what you owe.

If you are a homeowner who is struggling or unable to make your monthly mortgage payment, call your lender to work out a solution now!  Acting quickly may help you keep your home and the money you have already invested into it.

Here are a few things you should know once your lender grants you a forbearance.

  1. Pay Back. You will have to pay back that money in addition to your regular mortgage payments.
  2. Reinstatement. Once the forbearance period is over, your lender will require you to be “reinstated.  Reinstatement refers to making a one-time, lump-sum payment that covers all your late payments.  However, a lump-sum payment is not required by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).
  3. Lump-Sum Payment. If you can’t afford reinstatement (one-time, lump sum payment), but can start making payments to catch up, the lender may let you pay an additional amount each month until you are caught up.
  4. Forbearance and your credit report. The CARES Act specifies that when a borrower arranges a forbearance option with their lender on an FHFA, Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac–backed loan, servicers are required to report them as “current” on their mortgage.
  5. Loan Modification may become an option at some point. Your lender may agree to amend your mortgage. Loan options include:

    1. Adding all the missed payment to the loan amount & increasing the monthly payment to cover the larger loan.
    2. Giving you more years to pay off the loan, lowering the interest rate, and/or forgiving part of the loan, to lower your monthly payment.

    3. Switching from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage, so you aren’t exposed to increases in your monthly payment.

    4. Requiring amounts for taxes and insurance to be included with your monthly mortgage payment so you avoid big bills in addition to your mortgage.

As a licensed Realtor, I’m not only in the business of helping people become homeowners, but also doing everything I can to make sure you can afford to stay in your home.  If your current lender isn’t willing or able to help, you may be able to refinance your current mortgage with another lender. I may be able to help you find responsible lenders that make fair and affordable loans.

Be wary of advertisements like Cash for Houses/Any Situation” or “We Buy Houses for Cash.”  These may be scams that bait homeowners with the promise of rescuing them from imminent foreclosure.

Please call me at 240-535-1855 if you have questions or you determine that selling your home is your best option.


Here are a few links for more information on Mortgage Forbearance.





Angelo Rhodes, Realtor Taylor Properties 240-535-1855 email: [email protected]

COVID-19 Screening in Prince Georges County, MD

For Immediate Release:
March 29, 2020
For More Information:
Gina Ford
Communications Director
Office of the County Executive
Prince George’s County
w. 301.952.4670
c. 202.744.3308
[email protected]


Screening Clinic Has Limited Testing Capability For Those Meeting Stringent CDC Guidelines

LANDOVER, MD – Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks announced today that the Prince George's County COVID-19 screening site at FedEXField will open at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, March 30, 2020. The media staging area for the screening site will be in the western corner of Lot A, which is opposite the screening site. Reporters and photographers will be able to stand anywhere between parking pillars A64-A65 and A74-A75, and the area will be roped off.

On Friday, March 27, the Health Department learned that a member of the Maryland National Guard tested positive for COVID-19. The Maryland National Guard took the appropriate steps to care for their personnel and we feel confident in moving forward with our partners to open the site tomorrow. In addition, the site was cleaned over the weekend using industrial cleaning solutions.

“When we were made aware a member of the Maryland National Guard tested positive for COVID-19, officials from the County, State, National Guard and the Redskins worked through the necessary steps to ensure we could open the screening site as scheduled,” said Alsobrooks. “I am truly proud of the collaborative effort with all our partners that will help us serve our communities in need during these very uncertain times.”

This screening site is designed to alleviate the pressure on primary care physicians, hospitals, and health care facilities that will likely increase in the coming weeks due to COVID-19. Those who normally go to hospitals or emergency rooms to receive primary health care, are highly encouraged to seek a telehealth appointment through the Prince George’s County Health
Department if they believe they have been exposed and are exhibiting symptoms associated with this virus.

This site is primarily a screening area that will have limited testing capabilities for those people who meet stringent CDC testing guidelines. This site is accessible by appointment only, and the process is as follows:

***Walkups exhibiting no symptoms will not be tested. Those with prescriptions from primary care physicians or other health care providers will still need to make an appointment through the Prince George’s Health Department’s COVID-19 Hotline and telehealth services by calling 301-883-6627.

1. Call the Prince George's County Health Department Coronavirus hotline at (301) 883-6627 to schedule an initial telehealth screening.

2. The telehealth medical professional will speak to the caller to obtain information to determine if the patient meets the CDC testing requirements.

3. If the caller meets CDC testing guidelines, they will receive an appointment time and an appointment number (from 1 to 100 **MUST KEEP ASSIGNED APPOINTMENTNUMBER) to go to the FedExField site on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday- they must show up at their appointment time, with their appointment number, and be able to answer questions based on their telehealth screening.

4. Upon arriving at the testing site, the individual will receive instruction from law enforcement as to where to park and when to exit their vehicle.

5. The individual will walk to the checkpoint and give their appointment number, then they will be escorted to a tent based on their symptoms.

6. If the individual meets testing requirements outlined by the CDC, they will be escorted to the testing tent. Following the testing, the individual will be given instructions on home self-care, and social distancing.

7. Those who do not meet CDC guidelines will not be tested. Those individuals who do not meet criteria but are symptomatic will receive instructions on home self-care and   self-isolation, as needed. Those individuals who are asymptomatic will receive
instructions on home self-care and social distancing. The individual will then be escorted to the exit. 

The clinic will be primarily staffed by Prince George’s County Health Department officials with support from the Maryland Department of Health, the Maryland National Guard, the Maryland Medical Reserve Corps, and the University of Maryland Medical System. 

Angelo Rhodes, Realtor Taylor Properties 240-535-1855 email: [email protected]

For Sale: $279,900 - Townhouse in District Heights, MD - 5622 Rock Quarry Terrace

Last week I listed this townhouse in District Heights, MD for $279,900.  It's over 1900 sqft. with 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and 1 half bath.  I had 2 offers within the first 5 days on the market.  That's an indicator of a seller's market, at least in the Regency Meadows Subdivision.  


Here's a video of this lovely property located at 5622 Rock Quarry Terrace, District Heights, MD 20747


If you are searching for similar townhomes in this price range in the Upper Marlboro, MD are please contact me at 240-535-1855.  Thanks.


Angelo Rhodes, Realtor Taylor Properties 240-535-1855 email: [email protected]